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Reading the Word of God!

Nothing torments the devil more than to see his old companions neglect their former sinful pleasures and and spend time studying the Scriptures instead. He knows that a saint without a knowledge of the gospel is as vulnerable as an army without ammunition. Therefore, he labors either by persecution to drive God’s Word away, or by political policy to persuade a people to send it away from their coast. For it is God’s Word which teaches us how to put on Christ and HIs graces so that we are fitly armed.

Never flatter yourself into thinking you can do without his priceless book. We have all known those who content themselves with a profession of Christ and a smattering of gifts and works, and do not wish to know if there is more to the Christian life. They are the ones whose graces freeze when winter winds buffet their souls. But the saint whose faith has been insulated from error by the truth of the gospel will be able to withstand all Satan’s icy blasts.

William Gurnall “The Christian in Complete Armour”