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Planting Seeds

Sower sowing seed

Saturday, I was humbled and inspired. All at the same time.

Humbled because I realized that I have not spread enough seeds of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the lives of those I meet on a daily basis, and inspired, because God chose to use me to do the thing I haven’t done enough of.

It suddenly dawned on me Saturday that my hair was getting longer than I normally keep it, and that if I was to retain the status of ¬†“clean cut”, and “professional”, something needed to be done. Normally my Mom cuts my hair, or I cut it myself. But since doing it myself normally ends up being a disaster, I decided to go to the barber, who can actually see the back of my head. ūüôā

I do not intend at all to boast, but I really felt the Lord saying that I needed to witness to whoever cut my hair. Now you have to understand me. I am not the kind of guy who is outgoing. I really enjoy talking with people and learning more about them, but it is not something that comes naturally. So  you might say I have to work at it.

The Command to GO!

However, Jesus did not make excuses. He did not say “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” if you are an outgoing person, or if you really like talking with people. He simply said GO!

So I said, “Lord, if you want me to talk with that person and share the gospel of Christ with them, go before me and let your spirit prepare the way.” I ended up talking with a very interesting guy who has, in his words “seen it all man!”.

He told me about his life, and what he had been involved in. We discussed all the violence and sickening things he had seen, and how they affected him. In the middle of talking, I said “So in your great experience, what do you think this life amounts to?” We were then able to talk about his take on religion, I discovered he was a Catholic, and was able to plant the seed of the gospel in his life. I did not have time to go in great detail, or find out if he truly trusted in Christ, but I was able to plant those seeds.

Why we don’t spread seeds.

Sometimes we let the fear of man scare us from sharing the gospel with others. That can be fear of what others will think of us, fear of what that person will say, or do to us. It can be a fear that we won’t be able to say the right things, or answer their questions.

Did Jesus say we would be praised because of our witness for Jesus Christ? No because Jesus said “You will be hated by all for my name’s sake.” Luke 21:17. Did he promise that we would not face¬†persecution. Actually he says just the opposite. “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” 2 Tim 3:12

Then do we have any grounds to fear? The answers is emphatically, no. God has given us his Holy Spirit to guide us when we are speaking with people, and it is only his Spirit that can draw a sinful soul to Salvation in Christ anyway. So we should actually count it a privilege when he uses us to share the gospel.

Realizing the need.

In Matthew 13:4 Jesus shares the parable of the sower of seeds. The sower realized that he needed to sow in order to reap a harvest of grain. He couldn’t expect wheat to grow in a field in which wheat had never been sown, and similarly couldn’t expect to gather anything during harvest time if nothing was planted.

In the same manner, do we expect to reap a harvest of souls if no seed of the Gospel is planted? Granted, the Spirit is the one who draws those he has ordained to be his children, and only he can do that. But he has given us the responsibility to share the Gospel to those who may never hear otherwise.

So brothers, let’s go sow some seeds. Who’s with me?

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Living Mirrors

It might be your friends, your siblings, your spouse, but they can all be living mirrors.

There are no two ways around it. When we are dealing with people, we are going to face difficulties. Difficulties, stem from differences in personality, the way we were raised, preferences, character, our nature, and  sin such as pride, arrogance, lust, and un-thoughtfulness. The question is, when you face these difficulties in relationships, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to navigate your ship directly into the storm and work through the difficulties, or are you going to steer around them, avoiding them at all cost? *

In addition the Lord impressed this question on my heart. Why is God allowing me to go through a struggle with someone? What purpose does he have in it? Asking these questions has allowed me to gain some insight about myself. In Matthew 7:3-5, Jesus talks about judging others. I am quick to judge and make assumptions about other people, but Christ revealed something to me that hit me like a ton of bricks. God can use other people to reveal sin, and character flaws in our own lives. For example, I may hate the fact that my friend is inconsiderate of other people. But instead of allowing bitterness to grow in my heart because he was inconsiderate to me or someone else, I realize that I am also inconsiderate of him, and other people. He is mirroring a flaw in my own life.

Here is some commentary¬†on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 7:3-5. Jesus here is talking about the logs and splinters, and how that relates to judging people. I am very quick to see the splinter that is in other people’s lives, but not as quick to see the log in my own. But get this, splinters come from larger objects of wood……..like logs! Follow my logic here? I think Jesus was teaching here that before you go judging someone else about a specific sin, look first at your self, and you will find that same sin exists in larger proportion. In other words, people can be mirrors in our lives.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:16,

“In the same way, let¬†your¬†light shine before others, so that they may¬†see¬†your¬†good¬†works¬†and give glory to¬†your¬†Father who is in heaven.” (ESV)

So for us to begin seeing Christ in others, we must begin shining forth the glory of Christ. But before this is possible, we must receive the instruction of 2 Corinthians 3:18:

“But we all,¬†with unveiled¬†face,¬†beholding¬†as in a mirror¬†the glory¬†of the Lord,¬†are being transformed into the same¬†image¬†from glory¬†to glory,¬†just¬†as from the Lord,¬†the Spirit.” (NASB)

When we gaze on the immense Glory of the Lord, our lives will become a reflection of Christ and will naturally shine forth for others to see.

In conclusion I will say that when I face difficulties in a relationship, I must go to God and rely on Him to give me grace to make it through those difficulties, and work through them with that person that we may become more like the Lord who died to have a relationship with us wretched beings. Be a mirror, and reflect Christ to those around you!

*Thanks to Pastor Telfer for the illustration.