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By what is your life defined?

It is a simple question really.

What is your life defined by? This was one of the questions addressed by the Elders of the Church I visited on Sunday. This is an important question to answer, because your whole outlook on, and direction in life will be completely affected by it. First I want you to answer this quick poll to determine what your life is defined by. I want you to really think about it and don’t put down an answer just because it is the most religious answer, we do that enough already. So answer the question honestly.

What defines your life is very important. That is why I wanted you to take the poll. What the Elders pointed out was that our life should not be defined by our job position, our social standing, our bank account, but by our relationship with Jesus Christ. People should know us because we are Christians, not business professionals, or social nerds. I know we all need to work on this, none of us are perfect. I know I am not, by any sense of the word. But this helped me to understand better why living a Christian life is so important. I realized that my life is not defined by my Relationship with Jesus Christ like it needs to be. Sure, many people know that I am a Christian. But when unbelievers look at me, do they see someone who is radically different than everyone else? Am I willing to allow Christ to work through me all the time so that others see the difference? That question is difficult to answer sometime, because of the weakness of the flesh. I don’t always allow Christ to work through me, I don’t always surrender myself completely to him. Nevertheless, that is my desire. I hope it is yours as well. Pray for me, that I would allow God to work through me in such a way that the very being of Jesus Christ defines who I am! I will do the same for you. God bless my brothers and sisters.

For the Glory of God, and the Advancement of His Kingdom,

Nathan D. Hamilton – Esquire