The Intellectual Armory

These are books I have read. I believe you will find them extremely helpful in your walk with Christ, and in battling the darkness in this world. I hope you enjoy! I will add more as I read them. If you have any suggestions, please comment and let me know! I am always looking for new books to challenge me, and help me to grow.

Beyond Opinion – Ravi Zacharias

I Isaac take Thee Rebekah – Ravi Zacharias

The ever loving Truth – Voddie Baucham

Family Driven Faith – Voddie Baucham

What he must Be – Voddie Baucham

Already Gone – Ken Ham, Brit Beemer

The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis

The Slumber of Christianity – Ted Dekker

I kissed Dating Goodbye – Joshua Harris

Boy meets Girl – Joshua Harris

Not even a hint – Joshua Harris

Hard to believe – John MacArthur

The Truth War – John MacArthur

Charismatic Chaos – John MacArthur

Slave – John MacArthur

Ashamed of the Gospel – John MacArthur

Sacred Marriage – Gary Thomas

How should we then live? – Francis Schaeffer

Team of Rivals – Doris Kearns Goodwin


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